Nancie’s Book

Check out Nancie’s book: The Couples Guide to Thriving with ADHD, co-authored with Melissa Orlov. Her book was selected as The Best Psychology Book of 2014 by Forward Reviews, and received the 2015 Benjamin Franklin Award from the Independent Book Publishers Association.

Nancie Kohlenberger's Book received the Benjamin Franklin Award in Psychology

“This book is about emotions –yours and your partner’s. It’s about taking a relationship that is more challenging than you’d like it to be, and making it a lot better. It’s about shaping your relationship – intentionally – back into one you can enjoy and really feel good about.” From The Couple’s Guide to Thriving with ADHD.

It’s filled with techniques and tools that couples can use to get beyond the relationship hot spots and back to closer connection and more loving.

What the experts are saying:“Practical, accessible, compassionate, and a pleasure to read … a must-have book for any couple living with the challenges and rewards of ADHD. It offers strategies to regain a positive and long-lasting loving relationship. The perfect life companion for couples and coaches who deal with ADHD on a daily basis.”

-Nancy Ratey, ED.M., MCC, BCC. Author, The Disorganized Mind

“Authors Orlov and Kohlenberger, armed with their collective professional and personal experience with ADHD in marriage, are not offering a fairytale in The Couple’s Guide to Thriving with ADHD. Without shying away from the negative impact of ADHD symptoms, they offer something much more valuable: a script away from blame and back to a partnership with the chance of a real-life happily-ever-after.”

-Zoe Kessler, B.A., B.Ed., Author of ADHD According to Zoe – The Real Deal on Relationships, Finding Your Focus & Finding Your Keys