Meet Steve

Steve Kohlenberger, MA Psychology, BS CIS, PMP

Meet Steve Kohlenberger. Steve has achieved success as an innovative ADHD Couples Coach, Adult ADHD Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, and PMP (Project Management Professional). For over 20 years, Steve’s accomplishments have included working as a Software Engineer, a small business owner, a Sr. Manager with a Fortune 100 company, and Software Consultant in the healthcare industry.

In more recent years, Steve has been garnering outstanding results coaching individuals and couples impacted by ADHD.  He supports his clients, utilizing his project management skills to achieve more focus, more clarity and better organizational skills. He coaches them to reach manageable goals, and to complete multi-step projects. Steve creates a no-fault environment, which enables his clients to experiment with new behaviors, and more advantageous solutions.

As an active member of the Software Engineering industry, Steve has given presentations to standing room only crowds of fellow Software Engineers and Developers. These talks have been on University campuses in San Diego, Fullerton and the University of Southern California. The titles are:

    • ADHD & Software Engineers – A Peek Under the Covers
    • ADHD and You on the Job – Leveraging your Brain for Optimum Performance
    • Advancing your Inner Game of Staying on Track at Work
    • Working In the Zone

Steve is a professional member of CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD), and has also presented with Nancie Kohlenberger at Southern California CHADD meetings under such titles as:

    • Thriving in the ADHD Relationship
    • The 5 Top Challenges of the ADHD Relationship and How to Fix Them.

He lives in Southern California with his wonderful wife,  Nancie Kohlenberger, and keeps fish in a pond in the back yard.

A FREE Coaching Session is available to help you see if Adult ADHD Coaching or ADHD Couples Coaching with Steve is right for you.

He can be reached at (949) 288-3459.