About Us

We are Steve & Nancie Kohlenberger

A number of years ago, we went through some pretty hard times ourselves.  We knew we both had ADHD, and our marriage was pretty rocky.  Making changes was critical, or we would end up breaking apart. We were not in good shape as a couple.

Earlier, through our grad school training, we both gained a background in psychology. To move beyond our difficulties, it became important to utilize the excellent skills we had learned.

When we recognized the major role ADHD was playing in our lives, we knew we had some homework to do. We read as many books and articles as we could get our hands on. (Some of these are listed on our Resources page). We found that there was much to learn about how ADHD was affecting our marriage. This was just one of the steps we took in our healing process.

To be sure we were on the right medications, we worked with a doctor who understood ADHD. For us, this was a very important step, which we realize does not work for everyone. In our situation, it made a big difference.

With our counseling skills, and a bit of outside help, we recognized that continuing to build a life together was more important than the differences that had torn us apart.

In getting to the other side of all of all the upset and pain, we became truly inspired to help couples with similar challenges. Couples like you!

We are passionate about what we do, and often work together, which, for us, has been an added bonus.

We share with you skills and techniques we have discovered.

Some of the outcomes regularly reported by our clients include:

  • Significant improvements in ADHD management.
  • Getting past anger and raised voices.
  • Enhanced communication skills.
  • Restored connection.
  • Greater loving and more fun.

We’d like to take all of the training we’ve had, all the exploration we’ve done, all the healing we’ve attained, and our experience working with couples, and put it to good use in our work with you.

Nancie and Steve would like to offer you a FREE, ZERO obligation, 20-minute Couple’s Coaching session so that you can get a sense of who we are, and how we can help you.

Call Nancie at +1 (949) 922-8548, or Steve at +1 (949) 288-3459.